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Our Speakers

Listed in alpabetical order by last name. Remaining speakers to be added shortly!

Nick Cameron

Nick Cameron (nrc) is a research engineer at Mozilla working on Rust. He works on the compiler, tools, and language design and is a member of those three sub-teams. Previously, he worked on layout and graphics in Firefox. He has a PhD from Imperial College London and has conducted post-doctoral research in ownership types, existential types, and related programming language theory and design. www.ncameron.org

Matt Cox

Matt is a developer, wanderer, and tinkerer living in Portland, OR. Currently working on internal tooling for Customer.io, his interests range from distributed systems, data processing, music composition (both organic and algorithmic) and building things that are awesome...regardless of whether they have a point or not.

Yehuda Katz

Yehuda Katz is one of the creators of Ember.js, a member of the Rust Core Team, and a retired Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Team member. At Tilde he works on Skylight, the smart profiler for Rails, and does Ember.js consulting. He's best known for his open source work, which also includes having created projects like Handlebars, Bundler and Cargo. He travels the world doing open source evangelism and web standards work, and has written several successful technology books.

Xavier Lange

A software developer interested in mechanical sympathy, efficient software architecture and reuse, and strongly typed systems. It's 2015, why are there so many strings?

Carl Lerche

Carl is a former member of the Ruby on Rails Core Team and a contributor to many OSS projects, including Bundler. He spends his daytime hours at the startup he co-founded, Tilde Inc..He began building web applications at the age of 13 using PHP, but has since moved on to master numerous languages and frameworks.

Carol (Nichols || Goulding)

Carol is currently the Hammer of Justice at Think Through Math in the lovely Rust Belt city of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. In addition to Rust, she loves hugs, connecting people, Ruby, vinyl, percussion, cats, home improvement, and being disappointed by Pittsburgh sports. You can find her on Twitter and github @carols10cents and at her website, http://carol-nichols.com.

Paige Peterson

Paige is a technologist interested in the freedom enabled by various crypto and decentralised technologies. She has been working with MaidSafe for the past year doing outreach and communication in San Francisco and around the world. Her background as an activist and artist studying emergent effects of decentralised systems in nature led her to developing interests in mesh networks and bitcoin. A personal goal of hers is to get a wider development experience by learning and using Rust.